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NASA Abbreviations

Browse 13,107 acronyms and abbreviations related to the NASA terminology and jargon.

XFVExoskeleton Flying VehicleRate it:
XFY-1Convair Pogo Experimental vertical takeoff aircraftRate it:
XHExtra HighRate it:
XHCExtra Heavy ChainRate it:
XHDExtra Heavy- DutyRate it:
XIX-ray InstrumentationRate it:
XLExcelRate it:
XLX-axis of SpacelabRate it:
XLTNTransLationRate it:
XMMX-ray Multi- Mirror satelliteRate it:
XMMX-ray Multi-MissionRate it:
XMSNTransmissionRate it:
XMTTransmitRate it:
XMTRTransmitterRate it:
XNSXerox Network SystemsRate it:
XOX-axis of Orbiter (Orbiter structural body reference)Rate it:
XOSX-Ray Optical SystemRate it:
XPX-axis of PayloadRate it:
XPNDRTransponderRate it:
XPOPX-axis Perpendicular to Orbital PlaneRate it:
XRCFX-Ray Calibration FacilityRate it:
XRDX-Ray DiffractionRate it:
XRMeXtended Relationship ManagementRate it:
XRPX-Ray PolychromatorRate it:
XRSX-Ray SpectrometerRate it:

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