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WCOLWorld Commerce Online    
WCOMM C I Worldcom, Inc. (now MCI)    
WCPDWineco Productions, Inc.    
WCRQWilliams Communications Group, Inc.    
WCRXWarner Chilcott PLC.    
WCSTWescast Industries, Inc.    
WCSTFWescast Industries, Inc.    
WCTIWordCruncher Internet Tecnologies, Inc.    
WCYBWorld Cyberlinks Corporation    
WDDDWorlds.Com, Inc.    
WDFCW D 40 Company    
WDGFWedgestone Financial    
WDGIWorld Diagnostics, Inc.    
WDHDWoodhead Industries, Inc.    
WDINWedding Pages, Inc.    
WDNAWWalden Residential Properties, Inc. Warrants    
WDNY.LWidney, P.L.C.    
WDOG.DEWedeco AG Water Technology    
WDPTWidePoint Corporation    
WDPT.OBWidePoint Corporation    
WDRYCoinmach Laundry Corporation    
WDSCWindsor Capital Corporation    
WDSOWireless Data Solutions, Inc.    
WDSPWintech Digital System Technology Corporation    
WDTRWeldotron Corporation    

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