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Nazi Regime Abbreviations

Browse 144 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Nazi Regime terminology and jargon.

ISC (WC)International Scientific Commission (War Crimes)Rate it:
JNTJewish Nazi TerroristRate it:
JuPoJulgeolekuPolitsei (Security Police)Rate it:
KBKriegsBesoldung (Payment of soldier's salary)Rate it:
KdOKommandeur der Ordnungspolizei (Commander of the Order Police)Rate it:
KDRKommandeur (Commander)Rate it:
KdSKommandeur der Sicherheitspolizei und des SicherheitsDienst (Chief of SS and Police)Rate it:
KGFKriegsGeFangene (Prisoner of war)Rate it:
KGF Bez KDTKriegsGeFangenen-BezirksKommandant (District Commandant of Prisoners of War)Rate it:
KLKonzentrationsLager (Concentration camp)Rate it:
KOMPKompanie (Company)Rate it:
KORUCKKOmmandant des RUCKwärtigen Armeegebiets (Rear Commandant)Rate it:
KRIPOKRIminalPOlizei (Criminal Police)Rate it:
KTBKriegsTageBuch (War diary)Rate it:
KZKonZentrationslager (Concentration camp)Rate it:
LA-FührerLAndwirtschaftsFührer (Agricultural leader)Rate it:
LASLandesArchiv Schleswig-Holstein (Provincial Archives of Schleswig-Holstein)Rate it:
MEFOMEtallurgische FOrschungsgesellschaft m.b.H.Rate it:
NAZINot Another Zed InitiateRate it:
NGNazi GovernmentRate it:
NGNazi GermanyRate it:
NMTNuremberg Medical TrialRate it:
NSDAPNationalSozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party)Rate it:
NSDAPNationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiRate it:
NSKKNationalSozialistisches KraftfahrKorps (National Socialist Motoring Corps)Rate it:

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