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SGOSociety of Gynecologic OncologistsRate it:
SGOTSerum Glutamic Oxaloacetic TransaminaseRate it:
SGPTSerum Glutamate Pyruvate TransaminaseRate it:
SHSocial HistoryRate it:
SIADHSyndrome of Inappropriate Anti-Diuretic HormoneRate it:
SILSquamous Intraepithelial LesionRate it:
SIOPInternational Society of Paediatric OncologyRate it:
SMFStandard Mammogram FormRate it:
SMOCSoutheastern Medical Oncology CenterRate it:
SNPSingle Nucleotide PolymorphismRate it:
SOBShort Of BreathRate it:
SODSepto Optic DysplasiaRate it:
SOLspace-occupying lesionRate it:
SOSAPSurgical Oncology Self-Assessment ProgramRate it:
SPEMSpasmolytic Polypeptide Expressing MetaplasiaRate it:
SPOHNCSupport for People with Oral and Head and Neck CancerRate it:
SROASociety for Radiation Oncology AdministratorsRate it:
SSMSuperficial Spreading MelanomaRate it:
SSMMSuperficial Spreading Malignant MelanomaRate it:
SSOSociety of Surgical OncologyRate it:
SSRISelective Seratonin Reuptake InhibitorRate it:
STARSharing Treatment And RecoveryRate it:
STRSTThermal Stress Restrained Specimen TestRate it:
STTRSolid Tumor Translational ResearchRate it:
SVStart ValueRate it:

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