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Oncology Abbreviations

Browse 1,255 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Oncology terminology and jargon.

PLBPrimary Lymphoma of BoneRate it:
PLCOProstate, Lung, Colorectal, OvarianRate it:
PLLProLymphocytic LeukaemiaRate it:
PMLPolyMorphonuclear LeukocytesRate it:
PNETPrimitive NeuroEctodermal TumorRate it:
PNETPeripheral NeuroEctodermal Tumor (Bone tumors)Rate it:
PNSPeripheral Nervous SystemRate it:
POBPreventive Oncology BoardRate it:
POCRPrinciples of Oncology for Cancer RegistryRate it:
POEPediatric Oncology EducationRate it:
POETICPediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigators ConsortiumRate it:
POGPediatric Oncology GroupRate it:
POGThe Pediatric Oncology GroupRate it:
POGOPediatric Oncology Group of OntarioRate it:
POKEMONPOK Erythroid Myeloid ONtogenic factorRate it:
PONDPediatric Oncology Network DatabaseRate it:
PONFPaediatric Oncology Nurses ForumRate it:
POPCPsychosocial Oncology and Palliative CareRate it:
PORPost Operative RecoveryRate it:
PORPathology Oncology ResearchRate it:
PORPathology and Oncology ResearchRate it:
PORTPediatric Oncology Resource TeamRate it:
POTGPaediatric Oncology Trainees GroupRate it:
PPAper ProkuraRate it:
PPTParts Per TrillionRate it:

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