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Oncology Abbreviations

Browse 1,255 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Oncology terminology and jargon.

BCCBasal Cell CarcinomaRate it:
BCCBreast Cancer CenterRate it:
BCCPBreast and Cervical Cancer ProgramRate it:
BCCTBreast Cancer Center TeamRate it:
BCEbasal cell epitheliomaRate it:
BCHCPBackus Community Hospital Cancer ProgramRate it:
BCISBreast Carcinoma In-SituRate it:
BCLB Cell LymphomaRate it:
BCLB Cell LeukemiaRate it:
BCLCBarcelona Clinic Liver CancerRate it:
BCNABreast Cancer Network AustraliaRate it:
BCOBreast Cancer OnlineRate it:
BCOPBoard Certified Oncology PharmacistRate it:
BCPTBreast Cancer Prevention TrialRate it:
BCTBreast Conservation TerapyRate it:
BEBBenign Essential BlepharospasmRate it:
BESTBreast Examination Self TeachingRate it:
BGDOBelgian Group of Digestive OncologyRate it:
BIDBis In Die (Twice a day)Rate it:
BIGBreast International GroupRate it:
BIRADSBreast Imaging Reporting and Data SystemRate it:
BLBCBasal-Like Breast CancerRate it:
BLNDBilateral Lymph Node DissectionRate it:
BMBone MarrowRate it:
BMBlood MonitoringRate it:

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