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Browse 3,134 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

SRSpecial RelativityRate it:
SRBMSemimartingale Reflecting Brownian MotionRate it:
SRFStructural Reinforcement FieldRate it:
SRISlope Rising In ....Rate it:
SRLStructural Return LossRate it:
SROShort Range OrderRate it:
SRVSafety Relief ValveRate it:
SSSpectral SubtractionRate it:
SSSecondary StructureRate it:
SSShort StressRate it:
SSADMStructured System Analysis and Design MethodologyRate it:
SSBDSteady State Beam DeflectionRate it:
SSCSuperconducting Super ColliderRate it:
SSESum of Squares for ErrorRate it:
SSHSpatial-Spectral HolographicRate it:
SSPSpectroscopy Society of PittsburghRate it:
SSPSpontaneous Sound PhenomenaRate it:
SSPStatic Strength PredictionRate it:
SSPGSolid State Physics GroupRate it:
SSPLSolid State Physics LaboratoryRate it:
SSPPStatic Strength Prediction ProgramRate it:
SSSSub Surface ScatteringRate it:
SSSSub-Surface ScateringRate it:
SSSSolid State SimulationRate it:
SSSSymmetric Steady StateRate it:

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