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Physics Abbreviations

Browse 3,166 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

CCFLCounter-Current Flow LimitationRate it:
CCFPCollaborative Convective Forecast ProductRate it:
CCFRChicago Columbia Fermilab RochesterRate it:
CCMComputational Continuum MechanicsRate it:
CCMcomplementary contact modelRate it:
CCMPComputational Condensed Matter PhysicsRate it:
CCPPCombined Cycle Power PlantRate it:
CCPPCollaborative Computational Plasma PhysicsRate it:
CCPPCenter for Cosmology and Particle PhysicsRate it:
CCRCentre for Chaotic RepeatabilityRate it:
CCSMCross Correlogram Spectral MatchingRate it:
CCTCorrelated Color TemperatureRate it:
CCTConvergent Clock TraceRate it:
CCTCustom Craft TechnologiesRate it:
CCTCircuitRate it:
CCVContinuing Calibration VerificationRate it:
CDComputational DynamicsRate it:
CDCControlled Dispersion CharacteristicRate it:
CDCCContinuum Discretized Coupled ChannelsRate it:
CDCUCorrelated Dimension Correlated UniquenessRate it:
CDDPCellular Digital Data PacketRate it:
CDMCeramic Discharge MetalRate it:
CDMScryogenic dark matter searchRate it:
CDPCenter for Defect PhysicsRate it:
CDRConvection Dominant ReflowRate it:

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