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Physics Abbreviations

Browse 3,246 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

ACPDAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics DiscussionsRate it:
ACPRAdjacent Channel Power RatioRate it:
ACRAdvanced Candu ReactorRate it:
ACRRAnnular Core Research ReactorRate it:
ACRUAstrophysics Cosmology Research UnitRate it:
ACRUAstrophysics and Cosmology Research UnitRate it:
ADAFAdvection-Dominated Accretion FlowRate it:
ADAMAbsolute Disintegration of Available MassRate it:
ADATSAnalog Delayed Annihilation Time SpectraRate it:
ADFAmplitude-Dependent FrictionRate it:
ADIAdvanced Distance IntegrationRate it:
ADMArnowitt-Deser-MisnerRate it:
ADMAbsolute Distance MeterRate it:
ADRAutomatic Device ReplacementRate it:
ADSAutomated Dynamic ShearRate it:
ADTMAlternate Density Transmission MediumRate it:
ADVAutomatic Drain ValveRate it:
ADVPAcoustic Doppler Velocity ProfilerRate it:
AECActive Energy ControlRate it:
AECAtomic Energy CommissionRate it:
AECLAtomic Energy of Canada LimitedRate it:
AEDAtomic Emission DetectionRate it:
AERDAlpha Energy Range DiscriminationRate it:
AESAtomic Emission SpectroscopyRate it:
AESRArray Enhanced Stochastic ResonanceRate it:

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