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Physics Abbreviations

Browse 3,222 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

POTPower Over TimeRate it:
PPPhysical PrincipleRate it:
PPPlasma PhysicsRate it:
PPAPParticle Physics Advisory PanelRate it:
PPCFPlasma Physics and Controlled FusionTMRate it:
PPDParticle Physics DivisionRate it:
PPDGParticle Physics Data GridRate it:
PPMPure Permanent MagnetRate it:
PPOFProbabilistic Physics of FailureRate it:
PPPPhysics for Paper and PrintRate it:
PPPLPrinceton Plasma Physics LaboratoryRate it:
PPUPhysics processing unitRate it:
PQPhoton To QuarkRate it:
PQSParallel Quantum SolutionRate it:
PRPRobability of ....Rate it:
PRBPhysics Research BuildingRate it:
PRCPressure Regulator ControlRate it:
PRCPhotometry, Radiometry, and CalorimetryRate it:
PRDTPhysical Restraint Decision TreeRate it:
PREProportional Reduction of ErrorRate it:
PROPrecision Residue OpenerRate it:
PRPDPhase-Resolved Partial DischargeRate it:
PSphysics of sportsRate it:
PSAPressure Swing AbsorptionRate it:
PSCPhase Space ContractionRate it:

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