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SWSurface Wave    
SWAGScientific Wild-Ass Guess    
SWAPShort Wavelength Automated Perimetry    
SWATHSmall Waterplane Area Twin Hull    
SWBXTSynchrotron White Beam X-ray Topography    
SWCNTSingle-Wall Carbon NanoTubes    
SWGStandard Wire Gauge    
SWNT(s)single-wall nanotube(s)    
SXFSoft Xray Fluorescence    
SYMSuper Yang-Mills    
SZBSingle Zone Boundary    
T-O-Ftime of flight    
TATorque Amplifier    
TADTime-Averaged Difference    
TAFturbulent air flow    
TAMTheoretical and Applied Mechanics    
TAPSThree Arm Photon Spectrometer    
TARDISTime And Relative Dimensions In Space    
TBBTriple Beam Balance    
TBDMTissue Bubble Diffusion Model    
TBLTurbulent Boundary Layer    
TCTemperature Control    
TCThermal Conductivity    
TCThermal Control    

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