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Physics Abbreviations

Browse 3,248 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

PTAPure Tone AverageRate it:
PTETPhysics And Technology Energy TeamRate it:
PTNRPhysics and Technology of Nuclear ReactorsRate it:
PTPPhase Transition PhenomenaRate it:
PTPTPure Time Preference TheoryRate it:
PTPVPoint-To-Point VelocityRate it:
PTRProton Transfer ReactionRate it:
PUParallel UndirectedRate it:
PUMPhysics Union MathematicsRate it:
PVProduct VolumeRate it:
PVPressure VesselRate it:
PVPlasma VolumeRate it:
PVPressure-VolumeRate it:
PVAPowerful Vacuum ActionRate it:
PVCPorous Vent CoaxativeRate it:
PVSTPressure Vacuum Stability TestRate it:
PVTPosition, Velocity, TimeRate it:
PWPlan of WindmovingRate it:
PWABPhysics with a BangRate it:
PWHPetaWatt-HourRate it:
PWTParticle Wave TechnologyRate it:
PWVPhysics with VernierRate it:
QQuarkRate it:
QQuantizerRate it:
QAHQuantum anomalous HallRate it:

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