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ADPadenosine 5'- diphosphateRate it:
ADPAortic Diastolic PressureRate it:
ADPKDAutosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney DiseaseRate it:
ADPSPAutosomal Dominant Pure Spastic ParaplegiaRate it:
ADRAdverse Drug ReactionRate it:
ADRFAdventitium-Derived Relaxing FactorRate it:
ADRFAdjustable Distal Radius FixatorRate it:
ADRFAdipocyte Derived Relaxing FactorRate it:
ADRPAutosomal Dominant Retinitis PigmentosaRate it:
ADRPAutoimmune Diseases Research PlanRate it:
ADSAntibody Deficiency SyndromeRate it:
ADSAttention Deficit SyndromeRate it:
ADSAll Day SicknessRate it:
ADTAdmission, Discharge, TransferRate it:
ADTCAnxiety Depression Trauma ConductRate it:
ADVArterial deep venousRate it:
ADVAdvisedRate it:
ADVAleutian Disease VirusRate it:
ADVRAnterior Dorsal Ventricular RidgeRate it:
AEAbove the ElbowRate it:
AEActive and EqualRate it:
AEAryepiglottic FoldRate it:
AEAAuto Erotic AsphyxiationRate it:
AEBSAnti Estrogen Binding SitesRate it:
AEDAutomatic External DefibrillatorRate it:

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