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AEFIAdverse Event Following ImmunizationRate it:
AENAcute Esophageal NecrosisRate it:
AENAnal Epithelial NeoplasiaRate it:
AENAnterior Ethmoidal NerveRate it:
AENAseptic Epiphyseal NecrosisRate it:
AEPAcute Eosinophilic PneumoniaRate it:
AEPAcute Experimental PeritonitisRate it:
AEPAcute Edematous PancreatitisRate it:
AEPAmpullar Evoked PotentialRate it:
AEPAuditory Evoked PotentialRate it:
AEPAccredited Exercise PhysiologistRate it:
AEP(s)Alcohol-exposed pregnancy (-ies)Rate it:
AERAerosol LiquidRate it:
AERAuditory Evoked ResponseRate it:
AERApical Ectodermal RidgeRate it:
AERPAtrial Effective Refractory PeriodRate it:
AESAcute Encephalitis SyndromeRate it:
AESAnterior Epidural SpaceRate it:
AESAortic Ejection SoundRate it:
AFAcid-FastRate it:
AFAdult FemaleRate it:
AFAmniotic FluidRate it:
AFAortic FlowRate it:
AFAtrial FibrillationRate it:
AFAsked ForRate it:

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