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Plastics Abbreviations

Browse 484 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Plastics terminology and jargon.

OCOleoresin CapsicumRate it:
OEMOriginal Equipment ManufacturerRate it:
OHFOld Hydrofracture FacilityRate it:
OPSOriented PolyStyrene (film)Rate it:
PPlasticRate it:
PAPolyAmide (Nylon)Rate it:
PAEKPolyaryletherketoneRate it:
PAHPolycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonRate it:
PAIPolyamide-ImideRate it:
PAOPoly Alpha OlefineRate it:
PAPPlastic Animation PaperRate it:
PASPolyarylsulfoneRate it:
PASAPolyAmide, Semi- Aromatic (Nylon)Rate it:
PBPolymer BasedRate it:
PBDPlastic Bricks DirectRate it:
PBGAPlastic Ball Grid ArrayRate it:
PBIPolybenzimidazoleRate it:
PBOPhenylene Benz ObisoxazoleRate it:
PBTPolyButylene TerephthalateRate it:
PCPolyCarbonateRate it:
PCBPrinted Circuit BoardRate it:
PCDPPlastics Curriculum Development ProjectRate it:
PCFPolymer Cladded FiberRate it:
PCOPlastic Closure OnlyRate it:
PCPPost-Consumer PlasticRate it:

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