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Plastics Abbreviations

Browse 484 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Plastics terminology and jargon.

PFAPerFluoroAlkoxyRate it:
PFCPPerfluorocyclopentenylRate it:
PFPGPlastics Foodservice Packaging GroupRate it:
PFVPlastic Filled Valley Wire ropeRate it:
PGFPhenolic Glue FilmRate it:
PHAPoly- Hydroxy AlkanoateRate it:
PIPolyimideRate it:
PIDPlastics Information DirectRate it:
PLAPlastic Liquefying AgentRate it:
PLAPolystyrene Latex AerosolRate it:
PLCProgrammable Logic ControllerRate it:
PLCCPlastic Leadless Chip CarrierRate it:
PLVPshenichnyi Levin ValadierRate it:
PMDPlastic Metal and DrinksRate it:
PMDIpolymeric MDI (methylene di isocyanate)Rate it:
PMMAPolymethylmethacrylateRate it:
PMPPolyMethylPenteneRate it:
PNRPolynorborane RubberRate it:
PNSParaneoplastic neurologic syndromeRate it:
PNSFPlastic Not So FantasticRate it:
POPolyolefinRate it:
POAEPlastic Omnium Auto ExteriorRate it:
POBPlastic Ono BandRate it:
POETRYPublic Outreach Education Teaching And Reaching YouthRate it:
POLPolyolefinRate it:

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