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Plastics Abbreviations

Browse 478 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Plastics terminology and jargon.

HDTHeat Distortion TemperatureRate it:
HFCHydroFluoroCarbonRate it:
HFPHexaFluoroPropyleneRate it:
HFPHigh Flow PolymerRate it:
HIPSHigh Impact PolystyreneRate it:
HLHHypoplastic Left HeartRate it:
HMDIHexamethylene DiisocyanateRate it:
HMHDPEHigh Density & High Molecular High Density PolyethyleneRate it:
HNBRHydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber)Rate it:
HPASHigh Performance Adhesive SystemRate it:
HQRPHigh Quality Refined PlasticRate it:
HRERockwell E Hardness NumberRate it:
HRMRockwell M Hardness NumberRate it:
HRRRockwell R Hardness NumberRate it:
HTEHigh Temperature ElastomerRate it:
HVARHigh Voltage Arc Resistance to IgnitionRate it:
HVTRHigh Voltage Tracking RateRate it:
HWIHot Wire IgnitionRate it:
IBSInteractive Blowing SystemRate it:
IIRButyl RubberRate it:
IMInjection MoldedRate it:
IMDIn Mould DecorationRate it:
IMRInternal Mold ReleaseRate it:
IPEIndustrie Plastics ElsässerRate it:
IPNInterpenetrating Polymer NetworkRate it:

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