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Plastics Abbreviations

Browse 473 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Plastics terminology and jargon.

LCPLiquid Crystal PolymerRate it:
LCPLow Chair PlasticRate it:
LDPELow Density Poly-EthyleneRate it:
LEPLight Emitting PolymerRate it:
LFLow FormaldehydeRate it:
LIMSLiquid Injection Molding SystemRate it:
LLDPELinear Low Density PolyethyleneRate it:
LMDPELinear Medium Density PolyethyleneRate it:
LPLittle PlasticRate it:
LPBLow Plasticity BurnishingRate it:
LPCLittle Plastic CastleRate it:
LSRLiquid Silicone RubberRate it:
LVPLow Viscosity PolytungstateRate it:
MCBmetaplastic carcinoma of breastRate it:
MCPOFmulti core plastic optical fiberRate it:
MCTMultiple Cell TypeRate it:
MDPEMedium Density PolyethyleneRate it:
MFDMicro-Floppy DisketteRate it:
MFIMelt Flow IndexRate it:
MIL-SPECMILitary SPECificationRate it:
MMTMethylcyclopentadienyl Manganese TricarbonylRate it:
MNPIMuna Noor Plastic IndustriesRate it:
MOPModern Organic ProductsRate it:
MOPARMade Outa Plastic And RustRate it:
MPBFmental plastic body fillerRate it:

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