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MDRDModification of Diet in Renal DiseaseRate it:
MDUMore Dicto Utendus (to be used as directed)Rate it:
MERPMedication Errors Reporting ProgramRate it:
mg/kgbwmilligrams per kilogram of body weightRate it:
MgSO4magnesium sulfateRate it:
MHCmental health counsellingRate it:
MICMinimum Inhibitory ConcentrationRate it:
MISTMistura (mix)Rate it:
mittemitte - sendRate it:
MIVRMedivirRate it:
mLmillilitreRate it:
MLMedical LeaveRate it:
MMmethadone maintenanceRate it:
MMFmycophenolate mofetilRate it:
MMRmeasles mumps and rubellaRate it:
MMRVmeasles, mumps & rubella vaccineRate it:
MMRVmeasles, mumps, rubella & varicellaRate it:
MOMonthRate it:
mommilk of magnesiaRate it:
MOPPmechlorethamine, vincristine, procarbazine & prednisoneRate it:
MPDRMontana Prescription Drug RegistryRate it:
MPRmelphalan, prednisone and lenalidomideRate it:
MSMorphine SulfateRate it:
MSA(s)microtubule-stabilizing agent(s)Rate it:
MSO4morphine sulfateRate it:

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