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RL, R/LRinger's lactate    
RSD(s)risk-specific dose(s)    
RTDreturn to duty    
RTUFready-to-use therapeutic food    
RUTFready-to-use therapeutic food    
Rxtake (Lat. recipe]    
ssine - without (usually written with a bar on top of the "s")    
s.a.secundum artum - use your judgement    
s.o.s., si op. sitsi opus sit - if there is a need    
SC, subc, subcut, subq, SQsubcutaneous    
sigwrite on label    
SigAsecretory immunoglobulin A    
SLSub-Lingually (under the tongue)    
SMPVsmallpox vaccine    
solsolutio - solution    
SOSSi Opus Sit (If there is a need)    
Sph.sphere / spherical    
sph.sphere, a lens measurement    
SRSlow Release    
sssemis - one half or sliding scale    
SSI, SSRIsliding scale insulin or sliding scale regularinsulin    
SSPBSummary of Safety and Probable Benefit    
SSRI(s)selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor(s)    

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