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Prescription Abbreviations

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PVPer Vaginam (via the vagina)Rate it:
qquaque - everyRate it:
Q.1HQuaque 1 Hora (every 1 hour)Rate it:
Q.4.H.Every Four HoursRate it:
q.a.d.quoque alternis die - every other dayRate it:
q.a.m.quaque die ante meridiem - every day before noonRate it:
q.d., q1dquaque die - every dayRate it:
q.d.s.quater die sumendus - four times a dayRate it:
q.h.quaque hora - every hourRate it:
q.h.s.quaque hora somni - every night at bedtimeRate it:
q.i.d.quattuor in die - four times a dayRate it:
q.o.d.every other dayRate it:
q.p.m.quaque die post meridiem - every day after noonRate it:
q.s.quantum sufficiat - a sufficient quantityRate it:
Q12HEvery 12 HoursRate it:
Q24HEvery 24 HoursRate it:
q4PMat 4pmRate it:
QADQuaque Alternis Die (every other day)Rate it:
QAMQuaque Ante Meridiem (each morning)Rate it:
QDevery day (Lat.: quaque die)Rate it:
QDFour Times DailyRate it:
QDFour times a DayRate it:
QMQuaque Mane (Every Morning)Rate it:
QPMQuaque Post Meridiem (each evening)Rate it:
QQHQuater Quaque Hora (every four hours)Rate it:

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