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Prescription Abbreviations

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ADUp to ....Rate it:
ADAuris Dextra (right ear)Rate it:
AD FINAd Finem (to the end)Rate it:
AD LIBAd Libitum (use as much as one desires)Rate it:
ADC(s)antibody-drug conjugate(s)Rate it:
ADMOVAdmove (apply)Rate it:
ADRadverse drug reactionRate it:
AERadverse event reportRate it:
AFCAnti-Fungal CreamRate it:
AGITAgita (Agitate, Stir, or Shake)Rate it:
AIAnti-InflammatoryRate it:
AKAnti-KeloidRate it:
ALAuris Laeva (left ear)Rate it:
ALAd LibitumRate it:
ALT. H.Alternis Horis - (every other hour)Rate it:
AMGArzeneimittelgesetz (West Germany drug law)Rate it:
amp.ampouleRate it:
Anti-TNFAnti-tumor necrosis factor drugsRate it:
ANTXAntiobiotic TreatmentRate it:
APCaspirin/phenacetin/caffeineRate it:
APCaspirin, phenacetin & codeineRate it:
APCaspirin, phenacetin & caffeineRate it:
APFActivity Prescription FormRate it:
AQAqueaous solution (with water)Rate it:
AQBAqua BulliensRate it:

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