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Prescription Abbreviations

Browse 577 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Prescription terminology and jargon.

ex aqex aqua - in waterRate it:
FDCfixed dose combinationRate it:
FFforce feedRate it:
FHPPPForce Health Protection Prescription ProductsRate it:
fl. dr,fluid drachmRate it:
fl., fld.fluidRate it: - make; let it be madeRate it:
FTCemtricitabineRate it:
G-CSFGranulocyte Colony-Stimulating FactorRate it:
GERGranule, Extended ReleaseRate it:
GNPGood Neighbor PharmacyRate it:
grgrainRate it:
gttGutta (drops)Rate it:
h, hrhora - hourRate it:
h.shour sleep or half-strengthRate it:
h.s.Hora Somni (at bedtime)Rate it:
H2BH2 BlockersRate it:
HAARTHighly active antiretroviral therapyRate it:
HAARTHighly Active AntiRetroviral TreatmentRate it:
HBOThyperbaric oxygen therapyRate it:
HCLHydrochlorideRate it:
HCTHydrochlorothiazideRate it:
HDhigh doseRate it:
HEShydroxyethyl starchRate it:
HFOVhigh frequency oscillatory ventilationRate it:

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