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Psychology Abbreviations

Browse 798 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Psychology terminology and jargon.

DECPDepartment of Educational and Counselling PsychologyRate it:
DECPDepartment of Educational and Counseling PsychologyRate it:
DIDisagreement IndexRate it:
DICEDeliberate Interpretative Conscious ExperienceRate it:
DIDDissociative Identity DisorderRate it:
DILDDream Induced Lucid DreamRate it:
DIRDevelopmental Intensive RelationshipRate it:
DISSUBDIgit Symbol SUBstitution testRate it:
DLAMDon't Laugh At MeRate it:
DMEPDecision Making and Economic PsychologyRate it:
DOEdesign of experimentsRate it:
DONDeath Of NationRate it:
DPIEDevelopmental Psychology in EducationRate it:
DQDevelopment QuotientRate it:
DRDefensive ResponseRate it:
DRADemand Responsive ApproachRate it:
DSADrama: Separation AnxietyRate it:
DSEPDiscontinuation of antidepressants in people with dementia and neuropsychiatric symptomsRate it:
DSITDynamic Social Impact TheoryRate it:
DSMDiagnosis of Simple MindsRate it:
DSPDDangerous and Severe Personality DisorderRate it:
DSPPDallas Society for Psychoanalytic PsychologyRate it:
DZOSFFraternal Pairs Whose Members Are Opposite In Sex. M or F at the end, stands for the sex. DZOSF: Female, DZOSM: Male.Rate it:
DZOSMFraternal Pairs Whose Members Are Opposite In Sex. M or F at the end, stands for the sex. DZOSM: Male, DZOSF: Female.Rate it:
DZSSFFraternal Same-Sex FemaleRate it:

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