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Psychology Abbreviations

Browse 747 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Psychology terminology and jargon.

FMFocus MindedRate it:
FPADFox Psychological Assessments of DenverRate it:
FPFSFuller Psychological and Family ServicesRate it:
FPOPFaculty for the Psychology of Older PeopleRate it:
FPOPFaculty of the Psychology of Older PeopleRate it:
FPPAFamily Psychiatry Psychology AssociatesRate it:
FPSPFoundation for Personality and Social PsychologyRate it:
FTDFormal Thought DisorderRate it:
FTPFuture Time PerspectiveRate it:
GCOSGeneral Causality Orientations ScaleRate it:
GDCPGraduate Department of Clinical PsychologyRate it:
GHPSGood Hope Psychological ServiceRate it:
GMSSGeriatric Mental State ScheduleRate it:
GPEGraduate Psychology EducationRate it:
GPIRSGroup Psychotherapy Intervention Rating ScaleRate it:
GRASPGrief Recovery After Substance PassingRate it:
GRITGradual and Reciprocated Initiatives in Tension ReductionRate it:
GSGroup SocializationRate it:
GSAPGraduate Student Association of PsychologyRate it:
GSCTGoldstein-Scheerer Cube TestRate it:
GSOSTGoldstein-Scheerer Object Sorting TestRate it:
GSPGeneralised System of PreferencesRate it:
GVPAGenesee Valley Psychological AssociationRate it:
HALPHyperactivity Attention and Learning ProblemsRate it:
HAPSHaight Ashbury Psychological ServicesRate it:

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