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4CFour Corners (AZ, CO, NM, UT)    
AAAquele Abraco    
AASDAAsante Akim South District Assembly    
ABERDAberdeen (Scotland)    
ACEAfrican, Caribbean, and European    
ACEAmerican, Canadian, and English    
ACPAfrican, Caribbean, and Pacific    
AEAlmost European    
AEPAsia, Europe, Pacific    
AFTAAsean Free Trade Area    
AGSAustria, Germany, and Switzerland    
AHICAlmaguin Highlands Information Centre    
AIRAll India Radio    
AJKAzad, Jammu, and Kashmir    
AKAzad Kashmir    
AKXrelating to the creator, that there is only one creator and that is our god. and other interpretion could be "welcome the gods"    
ALIBAdams Lake Indian Band    
AMEAAsia, Middle East and Africa    
ANEAncient Near East    
ANZAustralia and New Zealand    
ANZAAustralia, New Zealand, and Africa    
APAndhra Pradesh    
APAsia Pacific    
APACAsia PACific    
APIAsian or Pacific Islander    

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