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Russian Abbreviations

Browse 866 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Russian terminology and jargon.

RACURussian American Christian UniversityRate it:
RAOARussian American Officers AssociationRate it:
RBNRussian Business NetworkRate it:
REECRussian and Eastern European ClubRate it:
RELDRussian Elite Listen DeepRate it:
RERSRussian Estonian Rail ServicesRate it:
RFBRRussian Foundation for Basic ResearchRate it:
RFFRRussian Fund for Fundamental ResearchRate it:
RFRIRussian Folk Religious ImaginationRate it:
RISRussian Imperial StoutRate it:
RJOCRussian Journal Of CommunicationRate it:
RKCRussian Kettlebell ClubRate it:
RMRIRocky Mountain Russian InitiativeRate it:
RNDSRussian National Dance ShowRate it:
ROCMPRussian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate (Usually rendered ROC-MP or ROC/MP)Rate it:
ROSSRossijskaya Otechestvennaya Sistema SamozashchityRate it:
RPGRuchnoy Protivotankoviy GranatometRate it:
RPOCRussian Piece of CrapRate it:
RPSRealtime Presenational SystemRate it:
RRBCRussian River Brewing CompanyRate it:
RRBIRussian Radio Bible InstituteRate it:
RSFSRRussian Soviet Federative Socialist RepublicRate it:
RSHCRussian Serbian Humanitarian CenterRate it:
RURussian UnionRate it:
Rus.RussiaRate it:

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