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Cyber & Security Abbreviations

Browse 2,096 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Cyber & Security terminology and jargon.

ECPEncryption Control ProtocolRate it:
ECPAElectronic Communications Privacy Act 1986Rate it:
ECPPEfficient Conditional Privacy PreservationRate it:
ECPVEfficient Certificate Path Validation schemeRate it:
ECSEncryption Control SystemRate it:
ECSAEuropean Corporate Security AssociationRate it:
EDEncryption DeviceRate it:
EDACEvidence-based Design Accreditation and CertificationRate it:
EDEencryption decryption encryptionRate it:
EDESElectronic Document Encryption SystemRate it:
EDESPEndorsed Data Encryption Standard ProductRate it:
EDESPLEndorsed Data Encryption Standard Products ListRate it:
EDSEmergency Disaster ServicesRate it:
EEDEncryption and Encapsulation DeviceRate it:
EEEEnd-to-End EncryptionRate it:
EEMSGEnterprise E-mail Security GatewayRate it:
EEMSGEnterprise Email Message Security GatewayRate it:
EEMSGEnterprise E Mail Security GatewayRate it:
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only MemoryRate it:
EESEscrowed Encryption StandardRate it:
EESPEntrust Entelligence Security ProviderRate it:
EFFElectronic Frontier FoundationRate it:
EFSEncrypting File SystemRate it:
EHEExchange Hosted EncryptionRate it:
EHSSEnvironment Health Safety SecurityRate it:

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