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Cyber & Security Abbreviations

Browse 2,174 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Cyber & Security terminology and jargon.

DRARData Recovery And RepairRate it:
DRMDigital Rights ManagementRate it:
DRMDisaster Recovery ManagementRate it:
DSADigital Signature AlgorithmRate it:
DSCDigital Security ControlsRate it:
DSCADynamic Security Control ArchitectureRate it:
DSFDiplomatic Security FoundationRate it:
DSKDown-Stream KeyRate it:
DSKDirectory Style KeyRate it:
DSLDays Since LoginRate it:
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access MultiplexerRate it:
DSMPData and Safety Monitoring PlanRate it:
DSODivision of Security OperationsRate it:
DSSDigital Signature StandardRate it:
DSSData Security StandardRate it:
DSSPDistributed SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Security PackRate it:
DSTDistributed Spam TrapRate it:
DSTDigital Signature TransponderRate it:
DTDeletion TrackingRate it:
DTDon't TrustRate it:
DTODenial To OperateRate it:
DTPData Theft PreventionRate it:
DTSDecoding Time StampRate it:
DUKPTDerived Unique Key Per TransactionRate it:
DVPDynamic Virus ProtectionRate it:

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