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SSBNballistic missile submarine & variants    
SSBNsubmerged ship, ballistic, nuclear    
SSGGuided Missile Submarine, Conventional Powered    
SSGNGuided Missile Submarine, Nuclear Powered    
SSKHunter- Killer Submarine    
SSNSubmarine, Submarine, Nuclear (Nuclear powered attack Submarine)    
SSNsubmerged ship, nuclear    
SSPSubmarine Submarine Personnel ( Submarine Transport)    
SSSStrategic Sealift Ship    
SSTTraining Submarine    
SSTHSuper Slender Twin Hulls    
SSVAircraft Carrying Submarine (Submarine Submarine, heaVier than air aircraft)    
SSVSailing School Vessel    
SSXNext Generation Submarine    
SVSailing Vessel    
SWATHSmall Waterplane Area Twin Hull    
T-ACSAuxiliary Crane Ship, Military Sealift Command manned    
TBTorpedo Boat    
TCDTransport de Chaland de Debarquement    
TSTraining Ship    
TSVTheater Support Vessel    
TVBTorpedo Volg Boot (Torpedo following boat)    
ULCCUltra Large Crude Carrier    
USATUnited States Army Transport    
USCGDUnited States Coast Guard Destroyer    

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