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SGBSteam GunBoatRate it:
SIREShip Inspection Report ExchangeRate it:
SLSelf-LoadingRate it:
SLSteam LaunchRate it:
SNIASShips Navigation Inertial Alignment SystemRate it:
SOBSingle Outboard BoatRate it:
SoPSpirit of PeoriaRate it:
SOTLShip Of The LineRate it:
SPShore Patrol vesselRate it:
SRShallow RunnerRate it:
SRBOSwiftwater Rescue Boat OperatorRate it:
SSFleet Submarine (Submarine type, Submarine sub-type)Rate it:
SSSteam ShipRate it:
SS(s)small submarine(s)Rate it:
SSBBallistic Missile Submarine, Conventional Powered (Submarine, Submarine, Ballistic missile)Rate it:
SSBNsubmerged ship, ballistic, nuclearRate it:
SSBNballistic missile submarine & variantsRate it:
SSBNBallistic Missile Nuclear Submarine (Submarine, Submarine, Ballistic, Nuclear)Rate it:
SSGGuided Missile Submarine, Conventional PoweredRate it:
SSGNGuided Missile Submarine, Nuclear PoweredRate it:
SSKHunter- Killer SubmarineRate it:
SSNsubmerged ship, nuclearRate it:
SSNSubmarine, Submarine, Nuclear (Nuclear powered attack Submarine)Rate it:
SSPSubmarine Submarine Personnel ( Submarine Transport)Rate it:
SSSStrategic Sealift ShipRate it:

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