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WTWarping Tug    
YBBoom vessel (Yardcraft, Boom)    
YCOpen Car Lighter (Yardcraft, Car lighter)    
YCFCar Float (Yardcraft, Car Float)    
YCUYard Craft, Utility    
YCVYard Craft, Aircraft Lighter    
YDFloating Crane (Yardcraft, Derrick)    
YDGGarbage Scow (Yardcraft, Disposal, Garbage)    
YDTDiving Tender (Yardcraft, Diving Tender)    
YFYardcraft, Ferryboat (Self-Propelled)    
YFBYardcraft, Ferry Boat    
YFDYard Craft, Floating Dry Dock    
YFDYardcraft, Floating Drydock    
YFNYardcraft, Covered Lighter (Non-Self Propelled)    
YFNBYard Craft, Large Covered Lighter    
YFNDYard Craft, Dry Dock Companion Craft    
YFNXYardcraft, Lighter (Special-Purpose)    
YFPYard Craft, Floating Power barge    
YFRYardcraft, Refrigerated Covered Lighter ( Self-Propelled)    
YFRNYardcraft, Refrigerated Covered Lighter ( Non-Self-Propelled)    
YFTYard Craft, Range Tender    
YFUYardcraft, Harbor Utility Craft    
YGYardcraft, Garbage Lighter (Self-Propelled)    
YGBYard Icebreaker (Yardcraft, General, ice Breaker)    
YGNYard Craft, Garbage Lighter (Non-Self Propelled)    

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