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AOGGasolene Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler, Gasolene)    
AOPSArctic/Offshore Patrol Ship    
AORReplenishment Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler, Replenishment)    
AOTTransport Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler, Transport)    
APTransport (Auxiliary, Personnel)    
APAAttack Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Attack)    
APBBarracks ship (Auxiliary, Personnel, Barracks)    
APCCoastal Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Coastal)    
APDAuxiliary, Personnel, Destroyer (fast transport)    
APHHospital Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Hospital)    
APSAfloat Pre-positioning Ship    
ARRepair ship (Auxiliary, Repair)    
ARBBattle Damage Repair ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Battle damage)    
ARCCable Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Cable)    
ARDAuxiliary, Repair, Dry dock    
ARGInternal Combustion Engine Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Gasoline engine)    
ARLLanding Craft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Landing)    
ARSSalvage Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage)    
ARSDSalvage Lifting Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage, Dock)    
ARSTSalvage Craft Tender (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage, Tender)    
ARVAircraft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft)    
ARVAAircraft Repair Ship, Airframe (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Airframe)    
ARVEAircraft Repair Ship, Engine (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Engine)    
ARVHAircraft Repair Ship, Helicopter (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Helicopter)    
ASSubmarine Tender (Auxiliary, Submarine)    

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