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Shipping & Sailing Abbreviations

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ARRepair ship (Auxiliary, Repair)Rate it:
ARBBattle Damage Repair ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Battle damage)Rate it:
ARCCable Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Cable)Rate it:
ARDAuxiliary, Repair, Dry dockRate it:
ARGInternal Combustion Engine Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Gasoline engine)Rate it:
ARLLanding Craft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Landing)Rate it:
ARSSalvage Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage)Rate it:
ARSDSalvage Lifting Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage, Dock)Rate it:
ARSEAuld Reekie Sailing EstablishmentRate it:
ARSTSalvage Craft Tender (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage, Tender)Rate it:
ARVAircraft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft)Rate it:
ARVAAircraft Repair Ship, Airframe (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Airframe)Rate it:
ARVEAircraft Repair Ship, Engine (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Engine)Rate it:
ARVHAircraft Repair Ship, Helicopter (Auxiliary, Repair, heaVier-than-air aircraft, Helicopter)Rate it:
ASSubmarine Tender (Auxiliary, Submarine)Rate it:
ASPBAssault Support Patrol BoatRate it:
ASRSubmarine Rescue Ship (Auxiliary, Submarine, Rescue)Rate it:
ASWCAnti-Submarine Warfare CorvetteRate it:
ATTug (Auxiliary, Tug)Rate it:
ATAAuxiliary Ocean Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Auxiliary)Rate it:
ATBAutomated Torpedo BoatRate it:
ATCArmored Troop CarrierRate it:
ATFFleet Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Fleet)Rate it:
ATLAuthority To LeaveRate it:
ATOOcean Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Ocean)Rate it:

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