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ORVAOffering Repulsive, Vulgar AcronymsRate it:
OSMAwesomeRate it:
OTBOn The ButtonRate it:
OTHOver The HillRate it:
OTPOn The PhoneRate it:
OTSOver The ShoulderRate it:
OTTOne Time TextRate it:
OTWOn The WholeRate it:
OTWOn The WayRate it:
OXOXOHugs & KissesRate it:
P/XPart ExchangeRate it:
PALParents Are ListeningRate it:
PBPanic ButtonRate it:
PBEPlay By EarRate it:
PBXsPrivate Branch ExchangesRate it:
PCOPlease Carry OnRate it:
PCSPlease Contribute Some ....Rate it:
PDBPlease Don't BotherRate it:
PDRPlease Don't RushRate it:
PEBCAKProblem Exists Between Chair And KeyboardRate it:
PFAPlease Find AttachmentRate it:
PFADPlease Find Attached DocumentRate it:
PFBPlease Find BelowRate it:
PHQParis Hilton QuotesRate it:
PIMPPut In My PocketRate it:

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