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SMTSimultaneous Multi-ThreadingRate it:
SMURFShort Modular Un Recursive FunctionRate it:
SMXSolaris MINIXRate it:
SNAMESimulations And Non Arcade Machine EmulatorRate it:
SNFServer Natural FormatRate it:
SNHCSynthetic Natural Hybrid CodingRate it:
SNIFScent-based Navigation and Information ForagingRate it:
SNIF-ACTScent-based Navigation and Information Foraging in the Atomic Components of Thought architectureRate it:
SNKStrong Named KeyRate it:
SNPPSimple Network Paging ProtocolRate it:
SOAService-Oriented ArchitectureRate it:
SOAPSimple Object Access ProtocolRate it:
SOBAService-Oriented Business ApplicationRate it:
SOCPSecond order cone programmingRate it:
SOCSSparse Optimal Control SoftwareRate it:
SOEService-Oriented EnterpriseRate it:
SOEStandard Operational EnvironmentRate it:
SOFESoftware Offering For EducationRate it:
SOFRSoftwareRate it:
SOIService Oriented IntegrationRate it:
SOICStandardized Occupation and Industry CodingRate it:
SOLIDSoftware design principles: [S]RP, [O]CP, [L]SP, [I]SP, [D]IPRate it:
SOMFService-Oriented Modeling FrameworkRate it:
SOPService-Oriented ProgrammingRate it:
SOPService Of ProcessRate it:

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