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SIFRScalable Inman Flash ReplacementRate it:
SIFTStanford Information Filtering ToolRate it:
SIFTScale Invariant Feature TransformRate it:
SIFTSoftware Implemented Fault ToleranceRate it:
SIIASoftware Information Industry AssociationRate it:
SILStandard Interchange LanguageRate it:
SIMSpatial Information ManagementRate it:
SIMSystem Import MappingRate it:
SIMDSingle Instruction, Multiple DataRate it:
SIMLSynthetic Intelligence Markup LanguageRate it:
SIMMSoftware for Interactive Musculoskeletal ModelingRate it:
SIMOLPSimplified Interactive Multiple Objective Linear ProgrammingRate it:
SIMPSimple Interface To Matter ProgrammingRate it:
SIMSSimulation in plural (simulations)Rate it:
SIONSoftware Individuals Original NodeRate it:
SIOSSoftware for Innovative Open SolutionsRate it:
SIPSelf Initiated ProgramRate it:
SIPIANSImulated PIpe OrgANRate it:
SIRSystem Investigation RequestRate it:
SIRBSoftware Industry Research BoardRate it:
SISSpectrum Internet SuiteRate it:
SISShimano Index ShiftingRate it:
SISSymbian Installation SystemRate it:
SISOSingle Input, Single OutputRate it:
SITSystem Integration TestingRate it:

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