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SOLIDSoftware design principles: [S]RP, [O]CP, [L]SP, [I]SP, [D]IPRate it:
SOMFService-Oriented Modeling FrameworkRate it:
SOPService-Oriented ProgrammingRate it:
SOPService Of ProcessRate it:
SOPScalable Object PersistenceRate it:
SOPCSystem On a Programmable ChipRate it:
SOPESkyrix Object Publishing EnvironmentRate it:
SOSStandard Operating SystemRate it:
SOSStructured Operational SemanticsRate it:
SOSService Offering SolutionsRate it:
SOSScreen Of ScreensRate it:
SOSAPSystem of Systems Assessment PlatformRate it:
SOSCOESystem Of Systems Common Operating EnvironmentRate it:
SOSPSymposium on Software PerformanceRate it:
SPService PackRate it:
SPSmart PointerRate it:
SPStarting PixelRate it:
SPASoftware Process AssessmentRate it:
SPASingle Page ApplicationRate it:
SPADESoftware Process Analysis Design And EnactmentRate it:
SPADEStandalone Programming And Diagnostic EquipmentRate it:
SPAWARSpace and Naval Warfare Systems CommandRate it:
SPBScreen Power for BrailleRate it:
SPBSocial Programming BoardRate it:
SPCSoftware Process ControlRate it:

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