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BCMBit Compression Multiplexer    
BCPBefore Cell Phones    
BDFBBattery Distribution Feeder Bay     
BDSBundled Digital Services    
BDSLBroadband Digital Subscriber Line    
BEARBilled Entity Applicant Reimbursement    
BECNBackward Explicit Congestion Notification    
BERBit Error Rate    
BERTBit Error Rate Tester    
BFSBroadcast File System    
BFWBroadband Fixed Wireless    
BGSABanded Geographical Service Area    
BHABusy Hour Attempts    
BHCABusy Hour Call Attempts    
BHCCBusy Hour Call Completions    
BHPBurst Header Packet    
BIPBit Interleaved Parity    
BISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network    
BIUBus Interface Unit    
BLERBLock Error Rate    
BLERTBLock Error Rate Test    
BLPBurst Loss Probability    
BMMaximum Burst size    
BNCBayonet Neill–Concelman    
BNTBroadband Networking Technology    

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