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Telecom Abbreviations

Browse 3,448 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Telecom terminology and jargon.

STAPSpecialized Telecommunication Assistance ProgramRate it:
STCSignaling Transport ConverterRate it:
STCDStruttura Tecnica del Commissario DelegatoRate it:
STDSubscriber Trunk DialingRate it:
STDSecondary Telecom DistrictRate it:
STDSubscriber Trunk DiallingRate it:
STDMStatistical Time Division MultiplexerRate it:
STESection Terminating EquipmentRate it:
STESyrian Telecommunications EstablishmentRate it:
STISpeech Transmission IndexRate it:
STKSatellite Tool KitRate it:
STMBSpace-Time Multiple BeamRate it:
STNSatellite Telecommunications NetworksRate it:
STPSignal Transfer PointRate it:
STPShielded Twisted PairRate it:
STPIStentor Telecom Policy IncRate it:
STRSynchronous Transmitter/RecieverRate it:
STSSynchronous Transfer SignalRate it:
STSSmall Telephone SystemRate it:
STUNSimple Traversal of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) through NAT (Network Address Translation)Rate it:
STVSpecial Tariff VouchersRate it:
STVMStraight To VoiceMailRate it:
SUService UnlimitedRate it:
SUFService Update FacilityRate it:
SVCSwitched Virtual CircuitRate it:

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