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WLAPWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Access Point    
WLARWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Access Repeater    
WLDDWireless Location-Dependent Data    
WLDSWilkes Long Distance Service    
WLECWireLess Ethernet Converter    
WLHBWireLine HandBook    
WLHPWireLess HeadPhone    
WLIAWireless Location Industry Association    
WLLWireless Local Loop    
WLLDWireless Local Loop Delivery    
WLNWireLess Networking    
WLNPWireless Local Number Portability    
WLRLWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Research Laboratory    
WLSWait Listing Service    
WLSEWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Solution Engine    
WLSMWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Springboard Module    
WLSSWireLess Select Switch    
WLTFWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Task Force    
WLTGWireless LAN (Local Area Network) Technology Group    
WMAWireless Messaging API (Application Programming Interface)    
WMANWireless Metropolitan Area Network    
WMBDWireless Media Broadcast Device    
WMCLWireless Mobile Computer Laboratory    
WMIPWireless-Mobility Integration Protocol    
WMLWireless Markup Language    

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