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Telecom Abbreviations

Browse 3,448 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Telecom terminology and jargon.

ABEAggregate Business EntityRate it:
ABRAvailable Bandwidth RateRate it:
ABRAvailable Bit RateRate it:
ABRAdaptive Bit RateRate it:
ABTAAssociação Brasileira de Telecomunicações por AssinaturaRate it:
ACAlways ConnectedRate it:
ACArea CodeRate it:
ACArmored CableRate it:
ACAuthorization CenterRate it:
ACAAutomatic Circuit AssuranceRate it:
ACAPApplication Configuration Access ProtocolRate it:
ACCAutomatic Carrier ControlRate it:
ACDAutomatic Call DistributionRate it:
ACDApex Collaborative DialingRate it:
ACEAdaptive Communication EnvironmentRate it:
ACFAccess Coordination FunctionRate it:
ACFAdvanced Communications FacilityRate it:
ACFQAbsence Compensation Fair QueuingRate it:
ACGAccess Control GatewayRate it:
ACHTAverage Call Holding TimeRate it:
ACHTAverage Call Handling TimeRate it:
ACISAndy Charles Ians System solid modelling geometric engineRate it:
ACKACKnowledgmentRate it:
ACLAverage Call LengthRate it:
ACLAsynchronous Connection-LessRate it:

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