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Transportation Abbreviations

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SNPRMSupplemental Notice of Proposed RulemakingRate it:
SNVVultee Aircraft Corporation Valiant, Trainer AircraftRate it:
SOStraight OnRate it:
SO2Sulfur DioxideRate it:
SOASpring Over AxleRate it:
SOBStep On BrakeRate it:
SOBSouls On BoardRate it:
SOBOSet-Out a Bad OrderRate it:
SOCRATESSystem of Cellular Radio for Traffic Efficiency and SafetyRate it:
SOGSpeed Over GroundRate it:
SOHCSuper Outstanding Hyperspeed CarRate it:
SOHOSouth Of HOuston StreetRate it:
SOISignal Operation InstructionsRate it:
SOIRSimultaneous Operations On Intersecting RunwaysRate it:
SOIWRSimultaneous Operations On Intersecting Wet RunwaysRate it:
SOLASSafety of Life At Sea ConventionRate it:
SolTransSolano County TransitRate it:
SOMSelf Organizing MapRate it:
SONARSound Navigation And RangingRate it:
SORNStatutory Off-Road NotificationRate it:
SORSASociety of Road Safety AuditorsRate it:
SORTASouthwest Ohio Regional Transit AuthorityRate it:
SOSSafe Operating SpeedRate it:
SOTPSeat Of The PantsRate it:
SOVSingle Occupancy VehicleRate it:

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