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Transportation Abbreviations

Browse 8,400 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Transportation terminology and jargon.

SVMTSaginaw Valley Marine TerminalRate it:
SVNSouth VietNamRate it:
SVOSuperior Vehicle OutputRate it:
SVOStraight Vegetable OilRate it:
SVOStrait Vegetable Oil (synthetic diesel oil base)Rate it:
SVOTSmart Vehicle Of TomorrowRate it:
SVRSpecial Vehicle RacingRate it:
SVRCShort-range Vehicle to Roadside CommunicationRate it:
SVRLSimba Vehicle Rental LimitedRate it:
SVTSpecial Vehicle TestRate it:
SVTSpecial Vehicle TeamRate it:
SVTSluggish Vehicle ThingsRate it:
SVTSpecial Vehicle TeamtheRate it:
SVTCSouhegan Valley Transportation CollaborativeRate it:
SVUSurface Vehicle UnitRate it:
SVXSubaru Vehicle XRate it:
SWSuper WideRate it:
SWStation WagonRate it:
SWSingle WheelRate it:
SWASouthwest AirlinesRate it:
SWANShip-Wide Area NetworkRate it:
SWATHSmall Waterplane Area Twin HullRate it:
SWBShort Wheel BaseRate it:
SWEBOKSoftware Engineering Body Of KnowledgeRate it:
SWIStatic Walkthrough/ InspectionRate it:

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