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TV Stations Abbreviations

Browse 1,360 acronyms and abbreviations related to the TV Stations terminology and jargon.

KSMOTV-62, Kansas City, MissouriRate it:
KSMSTV-67, Monterey, CaliforniaRate it:
KSUVLPTV-52, Bakersfield, CaliforniaRate it:
KSWBTV-69, San Diego, CaliforniaRate it:
KTAQTV-47, Greenville, TexasRate it:
KTFBLPTV-4, Bakersfield, CaliforniaRate it:
KTFKTV-64, Stockton, CaliforniaRate it:
KTFNTV-65, El Paso, TexasRate it:
KTIEFormer TV-63, Oxnard, CaliforniaRate it:
KTLNTV-68, Novato, CaliforniaRate it:
KTMDTV-47, Galveston, TexasRate it:
KTVTDT-19, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TexasRate it:
KTXADT-29, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TexasRate it:
KUBITV-45, Bakersfield, CaliforniaRate it:
KUEDUtah EDucation, Salt Lake City, UtahRate it:
KUVNLPTV-47, Fort Worth, TexasRate it:
KVVKLPTV-15, Kennewick, WashingtonRate it:
KWHYTV-22, DT-42, Los Angeles, CaliforniaRate it:
KXLTTV-47, Rochester, MinnesotaRate it:
KXTQLPTV-46, Lubbock, TexasRate it:
KYVETV-47, PBS, Yakima Valley Educational, Yakima, WashingtonRate it:
KYWTV-3, AM-1060, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaRate it:
LNCLocal News on CableRate it:
MAVTVMaverick TelevisionRate it:
MFIKMein Faharansehen ist KaputRate it:

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