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Unions Abbreviations

Browse 2,206 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Unions terminology and jargon.

CLACollective Labor AgreementRate it:
CLACouncil of Labor AffairsRate it:
CLCCanadian Labour CongressRate it:
CLOUDCommunities and Libraries Online Union DatabaseRate it:
CMAWConstruction Maintenance and Allied WorkersRate it:
CMCUCharlotte Metro Credit UnionRate it:
CMCUCentral Minnesota Credit UnionRate it:
CMCUCentral Murray Credit UnionRate it:
CMIUCigar Makers International UnionRate it:
CMLUCeylon Moor Ladies UnionRate it:
CNETUCouncil of Non European trade unionsRate it:
CNETUCongress of Non European Trade UnionsRate it:
CNSUCaledonia North Supervisory UnionRate it:
COBTCentral Ontario Building TradesRate it:
COBUSCollege of the Bahamas Union of StudentsRate it:
COCUConsultation On Church UnionRate it:
COIUChina Overseas Investment UnionRate it:
COIUCongress of Independent UnionsRate it:
COMBOCollective Of Musicians of Belfast OrganisationRate it:
CONSAWUConfederation of South African Workers' UnionsRate it:
COSATUCongress Of South Africa Trade UnionsRate it:
COSATUCorrupt Overweight Silly Arrogant Toads UnionRate it:
COWUCoalition of Workers UnionsRate it:
CPACanadian Police Association (also CPA-ACP)Rate it:
CPA-ACPCanadian Police Association - Association Canadienne PoliciersRate it:

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