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Unit Measures Abbreviations

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CHSCylinders, Heads, and SectorsRate it:
CICubic InchesRate it:
CICubic InchRate it:
CIDCubic Inch DisplacementRate it:
CINCharacters per INchRate it:
CKDCanada Knock DownRate it:
CLCentiLitreRate it:
CLICKCreating Literacy In Computer KnowledgeRate it:
CMCentimeterRate it:
CMCircular MilsRate it:
cmCentimetresRate it:
cmcentimetreRate it:
cm.centimeterRate it:
cm3Centimetre CubedRate it:
CMACircular Mil AreaRate it:
CMFCircular Mil FootRate it:
CMLCentral Meridian LongitudeRate it:
CMPYCubic Meters Per YearRate it:
CMSCentimetersRate it:
CMUConcrete Masonry UnitRate it:
CNCanRate it:
CNCartonRate it:
CNC/IECCanadian National Committee of the International Electrotechnical CommissionRate it:
COLCartridge Overall LengthRate it:
CPCandle PowerRate it:

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