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Unix Commands Abbreviations

Browse 204 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Unix Commands terminology and jargon.

emacsEditor MACroSRate it:
eqnEquationRate it:
evalEVALuateRate it:
exprexpressionRate it:
fcFix CommandRate it:
fgrepFixed-string GREPRate it:
fmtformatRate it:
fsckFile System ChecKRate it:
fstabFile Systems TABleRate it:
ftioFast Tape Input/OutputRate it:
fuserfile userRate it:
g...GnuRate it:
GDSIIGeometrical Data base for Information InterchangeRate it:
GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating SystemRate it:
gettyget ttyRate it:
grepGet Regular Expression And PrintRate it:
grepGlobal Regular Expression ParserRate it:
grepGeneralized Regular Expression ParserRate it:
grepGlobal Regular Expression and PrintRate it:
grepGlobally search for the Regular Expression and PrintRate it:
GVFSGnome Virtual File SystemRate it:
HDA1Hard disk Partitioning 1Rate it:
idIDentityRate it:
imakeinterface to makeRate it:
ircInternet Relay ChatRate it:

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