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Unix Commands Abbreviations

Browse 204 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Unix Commands terminology and jargon.

telnetTErminal over NETworkRate it:
textau epsilon chi (greek letters)Rate it:
trtranslateRate it:
trofftypesetter roffRate it:
tshTrusted SHellRate it:
tsortTopological SORTRate it:
tttTic Tac ToeRate it:
ULBUsr Local BinRate it:
ulimitUser's LIMITRate it:
uniquniqueRate it:
UNIXUniplexed Information and Computing ServiceRate it:
UTSUnix Time SharingRate it:
uucpUnix-to-Unix Copy ProgramRate it:
vivisualRate it:
wallWrite ALLRate it:
wcWord CountRate it:
wishWIndowing SHellRate it:
WMLWebsite MetaLanguageRate it:
xargsextended argumentsRate it:
xdmX display managerRate it:
xdprX dump printRate it:
xfdX Font DisplayRate it:
xmkmfX make makefileRate it:
xrdbX resource databaseRate it:
xwdX Window DumpRate it:

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