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ACOAdministrative contracting officerRate it:
ACOAdministrative contracting officeRate it:
ACOLacceptable carry-over limitRate it:
ACPAdvance Care PlanningRate it:
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power InterfaceRate it:
ACPSAutomated Contract Preparation SystemRate it:
ACQWEBOffice of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and TechnologyRate it:
ACRAfrican Crisis ResponseRate it:
ACRCAmerican Council on Regulatory ComplianceRate it:
ACRIAfrican Crisis Response InitiativeRate it:
ACRNAccounting Classification Reference NumberRate it:
ACRONYMAccountability and Congressional Responsibility On Naming Your MotionsRate it:
ACRPArchive of Census Related ProductsRate it:
ACSAgency Classification StandardRate it:
ACSESAutomated Child Support Enforcement SystemRate it:
ACSIAmerican Customer Satisfaction IndexRate it:
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Information ManagementRate it:
ACTAmerica Coming TogetherRate it:
ACWAmerican Civil WarRate it:
ACYFAdministration for Children, Youth, and FamiliesRate it:
ADAnti DumpingRate it:
ADAllowable DeductionsRate it:
ADAfter DemocracyRate it:
ADAAmericans with Disabilities ActRate it:
ADAAGAmericans with Disabilities Act Accessibility GuidelinesRate it:

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