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KAJENKaJen= KAran + JENnifer.i.e- Indian TV Actors, Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget(Grover)
DNAdivine natural application
DIAcademic degree, DI short for Dipl.-Ing., in German speaking countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, for persons who accomplished university studies in all sorts of technical disciplines
FADE INTO OBLIVIONIt means to kinda fade away, as in like in a crowd, you' disapear '.
GCCTChlamydia & Gonnorhoea test
GSDGender and Sexual Diversity
atstAt the same time
idstIf destroyed still true
NPHNeil Patrick Harris
WTMBWhere The Money's Buried
IOTin order to
STFDSit The F**k Down
TDDTechnical Deep Dive
SULMFShut up let me fap
FTTF*** The Tabs
LFADLandrover Friends Adventure Days
BSTPBuyer, Seller, Trader, of Phones
ACActivity Check
MSFNMake something from nothing
SARPSelf Aligned Reverse Patterning
CGCarrier Gas- Mobile Phase, a gas, inert or not, that is carried with another gas
AEBArt Education for the Blind
JEEPJunk Everyone Eyes for Parts
YAMAHAYou Are Mangled After Hitting Asphalt
FYAF*** Your Ass

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