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WLDMWhite lives dont matter
BSD LICENSEBerkeley Software Distribution (license)
DBDDDeath by dangerous driving
RMAReal madrid
IYPNMPIt's your problem not my problem
IIAAIranian Imperial Army Aviation
YWYDenoted as cable code
EFOEveryone fuck off!
PNCPittsburgh National Corporation
SORSigh of Relief
CD6Center for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development
ADHDAnnoyingly Dumb Horrible Doctors
OCDObsessive Crazy Doctors
PAINPayment Initiation
WMCWorld middleweight champion
3.14159265358979323846...It's PI
mJyFrom wikipedia: The jansky (symbol Jy) is a non-SI unit of spectral flux density,[1] or spectral irradiance, used especially in radio astronomy. It is equivalent to 10−26 watts per square metre per hertz. The unit is named for the pioneering radio astronomer Karl Jansky. (The m of course is milli.) So, mJy is milli Jansky.
TGIJThanks God It's Jummah
YMCAYoung Mums Cock Addiction
DGALDude get a life
IOSiOS is a truncated way of saying ‘iPhone OS’, or ‘iPhone Operating System’.

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