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ANAnorexia nervosa
SOOR RealtyShittu Olajide & Obilade Rahman
LUTLast Update Time
LILaughing inside
MPILMicrowave Popcorn is Life
WOTLKWrath of the Lich King
9333H fix
OUHOh you haven't!
FHRITPYOU will F*** her in the pussy she will suck your dick
GIFI'm lost, btw GIFS are moving pics. If you don't know that you're special. Graphics Interchange Format
FTFSF*** This F***ing Shit
RKBrotary kelly bushing
UOMUncertainty of Measrument
DITYDon't inspect the yeti.
PEKKAPesky Everyday Killing Knight Ally
OOCAOut of control animal! RIP Jim Carey
DP&aWDouble Pistol & a Wink
MWBMy Water Broke
SBTStaffordshire Bull Terrier
KMFFKarl-May-(Film)Fan-Gruppe, Berlin, Germany
SG IRONSpheroidal Graphite Iron is the full form of SG Iron
MTNLMahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited
AOHArnot Ogden Hospital
TTFNTickle tickle fora nickle
VOMITvictims of modern imaging technology

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