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VWVEThis is a 3Ø oil circuit recloser (OCR). V:Vacuum W:Class of breaker V:High Voltage E:Electronic
GUNDELEROAnother word for rude bwoy, gangster.
ISSOULa Chancla ! El banador. Yatangaki !
ONLINEOxygen Nail Love Ice Now Extra
ANTONAttractive Nice Terminator on Notes
MAGICManly Anton goes in Collage
MAGICMany Anti Gross Iron Cats
O.GOlive Garden
LBRLive birth rate
BOST(Royal Navy) Basic Operational Sea Training
AFAQAssociation for Academic Quality
BBCBig Black Cock
IEFEImperial Education For Excellence
GRI G4Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines 4
LSELove Someone Else
EUSAExecutive Office for US Attorneys
GOPHGrand Old Party Hypocrisy
campusboxCampusBox to make your life less complicated and more connected, campusbox.org search events, discover people, share your creativity
LERMInternational business
FTFFriends That F*ck
ETFEarly Termination Fee
FRIASmeans Fellow of the The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
YRNyoung rich nigga
SAICANSpringfield (Mass) Area Interfaith Climate Action network

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