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SCONGAFsevere case of not giving a fuck
TQPITop-Quartile Performance Institute
COPChange of Plea
MMTFThe Macromolecular Transmission Format, MMTF, is an extensible, compact, self-contained binary format to efficiently transmit, load, and process 3D biomolecular structural data.
CSFWhat you do ("Ce sa faci" - Romanian Language)
IFinternet friend
WPEWorst Project Ever
FOOHFuck out of here
ADMFa dios mother fucker
RCCResidential Care Center
ELWElvis Lives Where?
WTFWhat the fuck
SCHOOL YOURSELFKeeping finding ways to improve especially in areas you lack knowledge
IMAOI Must Ask Obama
PSRPHP Standart Recommendation
NNYNet National Income
ODMOne Day Millionaire
JQJewish Question
LANLick My Ass Niece
CROChevys rap out
FORDFound Out Rescuing Dodges
GAKit means get arse kicked
RetribulationAbout trials

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