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APAAmerican Psychiatric Association
SAPRSemi Automatic Precision Rifle
IEBinternational English Bible
N/ANo value Available
IJCEAInternational Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications
BIJIt is also possible to be bitch as many friends said that example hey what's up bitch
HARTHigh Angle Rifle Training
MAOBMother Of All Bombs
APIAll Parts In
WSRWeb Support Revolution
RILYShort form of the word 'really'
ZOLTVariation of the Hungarian 'Zsolt' - meaning one who is honored. Zolting is the action verb that roughly translated means to bestow honor. Zolting Consulting zolting.com is a company borrowing the word.
NMDNotified Maximum Demand
AWApril Wine
LIEL=love I=intelligence E= enmity
LLSLower Level Staff
DBRDesign Basis Report
BEYONPassionate, Style in actions
HENRIETTEbeautiful, cool,nice,kind,talented,tall,slim,not funny only in their language,loves eye contact loves pink and christian delgrosso
MCSMMineCraft Story Mode
TENGTriboelectric Nano generator
TENGTriboelectric energy generation
BOOWANGA combination of words boom bang pow from comics for ex. Bo:boom ow: pow ang: bang Bo-ow-ang
AIDANAsshole In Denial About Narcissism

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