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RTFResidential treatment facility
DBFDragon Ball FighterZ
FLAMESFriends,love, affair, marriage,enemy, sexy love
EBCUEmissions-Based Currency Unit
RNRight now
SNBKSolar Non-Bank (SNBK) is a platform that enables A global solution for renewable energy abundance. Crowdfunded peer-to-peer lending for Photovoltaic Projects.
WLWould Like.
ILDI like donuts
RGMORestricted Governor Mode of Operation
VRVichy Regime, the French collaborationist state during WW2
CSICrash scene investigation
TAHUN VIVERE PERICOLOSOThe year of living dangerously
FIDESZOrganisation of Young Democrats
LAUNINGMeaning April in Old German. Launing or Easter Moon Ostara is the Germanic goddess of the dawn and the rising sun light, so she stands for the resurrection of nature (Easter). Today the term is mainly known only in the context of the Christian Easter festival. Grasmond, Keimond, Bud Moon, Easter Moon
SPEETSocial, Political, Economical, Ecological, Technological
PS&DPower Supply and Distribution
IDBMInter-Dimensional Ballistic Missile
FIWUICT Specialist and Computer Scientist from Nsukka, Enugu
TGWBTech Guys Workbench
SOVIShare of Visual Inventory
RYURecovered yet undergraduates
TAMUTime Already Made Up
SNFSilent Ninja Fart

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