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NHCNational Hyperbaric Centre
FPVFinancial Planning Volume
SMGSub Machine Gun
NCLNuggets and Cats League
PREMIUMISATIONNot a definition as such! However, the concept relates to adding value to a brand of a company in relation to other brands in the market by one or more of the following: exclusivity, quality, ecological attributes, unique method of production, packaging, etc. The effect expected is consumers value the difference, thus, pay a premium price relative the standard offering in the market.
ILL-PLEASEDIll pleased
COMOSComponent Object Server
MPSDMax Planck Institute for Structure and Dynamic of Matter (Max-Planck-Institut für Struktur und Dynamik der Materie)
&C.I think it means 'and so on'. Ref is Joseph Furphy 'Such is Life' (1903).
OVIObjectively Verifiable Indicators
HQ 6%Hydroquinone 6%
SCHOOLSeven Cruel Ours of our lives
KOKilled out
SOShow on
BNFLBitch niggas for life
SOPSon's of the Patriots
WEISHEMEWeisheme is a company in Singapore that focuses on Innovation and breaking the norm.
DIONshort for doing
AHICA Helper In Christ
ORKANOrdenance Rest K Adomination Narrow
WPRSWorker Profiling and Reemployment Services - U.S. Department of Labor employment and training administration.
DPPT(Pokemon) Diamond, Pearl and Platinum (Versions)
NICA loser who thinks he is cool
DCPIDeputy Commissioner, Public Information

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