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NBLNutritionally Balanced Lunchbox
SENSomething Elephants Need
SHRARain Shower in Weather forecasting
DFKDFCDon't f*ing know, Don't f*ing care
PTPGPTPG stands for the PrimeTimePeerGroup, a Partygroup of five young men from Heidelberg.
RCSRespiratory Care Services
CFIChild & Family Investigator
TT 2Tribal Trouble 2
MWDMinimum Working Distance.
DCIMDigital Camera Image Management
BPOBusiness Process Optimization
JABAJahnagirabad and Balabhadrapur
CBTContinuous Batch Treater
LQSAIdentifier for the Flight Information Region (FIR) of Republic Bosnia and Herzegowina. "LQ" identifies the Country and "SA" is a acronym for the FIR, indicating that the capitol control within this country is performed from Sarajevo
BAMbusiness application modernisation
POLAPolaroïd film
OFDIOn Fait Des Images
IFImaginary Futire
LSJAbbreviation for "A Greek-English Lexicon" by Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, and Henry Stuart Jones
RBCReply by coming
IGTMMASI'm going to make me a sandwich.
LFTLeaving Fluid Temperature

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