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DUHof course, obvious
BookOn4dOnline booking offers your customers to book events on any device and at any time Scheduling – Manage bookings, schedule events or availability of space, event managers all with just one software.
CNMPCustomer Network Management Processor
FUDOFear Uncertanty Doubt Obfuscation (FUDO)
DMCEDar alMadina Consulting and Engineering.
223When something doesn't add up. ie Suspect. "2+2=4.... Something don't add" Widely seen watching news and politicians.
ATOAssist the Officer
DASDelivery Area Surcharge
PPI IN STOCK TAKINGMini stocktaking
HERP CARE SOFTWARESoftware for the keeping of information on - primarily - reptiles. Herp is an abbreviation of herpetology (the zoological field studying reptiles.) Herp Care Software is concerned with caring for reptiles and in some cases amphibians through the scientific collation of observations in captive specimens. Example:
F/IForced Induction
PTEBPayroll Taxes and Employee Benefits
SASIStrategically and Sentimentally Insulted
LPQCLinear Program with Quadratic Constraints
RFWReform work plan
YBKStands for "Your Bad Kid"
PTTPPower To The People
WIPPWeb Inquiry and Payment Portal
LOGOLesbian or gay out loud
BIISBUET Institutional Information System
EIIMEdusolutions Institute of Internet Marketing
ARMYA Recruiter Misinformed You
VSIVoice and Script International Ltd
JUMPJesus unleash my potential

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