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AMFREA cock sucker from Spain.
PTEPermission to enter
C/TCycle Time
HMNSHer Majesty's Naval Service
TARUTerrible acronym register unfortunately. Seriously I look up TARU, find what I'm looking for, then your site asks for more acronyms by asking "Know what is TARU? Then here where we can give an acronym you don't have, in the spot where we are supposed to put a definition, you have the nerve to tell us to check our grammar with your free grammar check?! Why don't you use your own grammar check, or check to see if it's working right.
TIMTOWTDIBSCINABTEThere’s more than one way to do it, but sometimes consistency is not a bad thing either
ACOAAustralia Coat Of Arms
LOLesson Objective
CHSPCommunity and Home Support Provider
MAC N CHEESEMacaroni and Cheese
FNCFramework Nations Concept
BMTBasic Microbiology Techniques
PTLPuh Took's Lake
SWADSpecialized weighing and dimension (machine)
888KARTUagen poker online dengan uang asli dan hanya mempunyai 1 user sudah bisa bermain berbagai game poker.
FAPIt is an acronym for Fast Application of Pleasure.
WHYMWhy you hate me
OTTOMYOff The Top Of My Head
MABSTOAManhattan and Bronx Surface Transportation Operating Authority
SULTANThe scientific explanation is S= Scale U= Unit L= Label T= Title A= Accuracy N= Neatness
DIKDo I Know
animalA living thing that breathes and eats.

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