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UCFUnibody Centre Focus
RVSPWhen someone writes RVSP {Respondez-vous sil vous plait (please respond)} in an invitation that has been provided to you means that, she/he wants to reply promptly whether you attend the event or not, in order to make arrangements for all the guests.
AVXAvid Visual Extensions
AVXAdvanced Vector Extensions
SMHDShaking my head in disbelief
CB2Come back 2
SWIMSome Wa@ker I Met
CS GASCrowd Suppression Gas
ECREnhanced Combat Readiness
VLVan Line
BCGSBoard Certified General Surgeon
FAKLFiskaal Advieskantoor F.A.K.L.
SNTNSpecial Needs Trust Network. A non profit organization providing special needs trusts to help protect government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid, for persons with disabilities.
LCPDFRLiberty City Police Department: First Response
3MRthree message rule
AEBEAll Else Being Equal
ELTEXCISE LAW TIMES (The No 1 Weekly Journal on Central Excise and Customs in India)
Tokyo TechTokyo Institute of Technology
IOSFInternational Otter Survival Fund
SOXSex Often happens on X'mas
TSARThat Sounds About Right
SPNSpecific Procurement Notice
PATLparent around talk later
LEANLEARN (about the issue, problem etc), EXTRACT (get all the information, research, technical knowledge available), APPLY (Use Benchmarks, Standards, Strategy to implement useful rules for creating your own standards), Negotiate (always be willing to keep an open mind and be open to new ideas and change).
OPOver powered

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