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UYPUnlock Your Potential
PHOTOSYNTHESISP-People H-have O-Organs T-To O-Order S-Sweet Y-Yam N-Not T-To H-Hurt E-Elephants S-So I-I S-Suck By Jaryl k
DCTAPDisconnect To Avoid Punishment
LOLESTThe word in the 3rd step of the LOL stairs
PHYSICSWhat does PHYSICS stand for?
XZDKExcistance Decay by Kevin A Morris
3BIt could be a name abbreviation, a business name, like Ben's Best Buy Resources: www.3bshop.ph
CXCshut your donkeybuttom up thats what it means
CJcounter jungle
NERMAnother term for being a Lulay. Example: Don't be a nerm! Or Stop being a lulay! meaning: Stop or don't be such an idiot!
FNYIn Armed Forces slang: Fµcking New Guy.
VROVehicles Registered Owner
OOTPOutfit of the day
AA DIPPostgraduate Diploma certification equivalent of MArch (RIBA Part II) awarded by the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, United Kingdom.
AHEADAdvanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction
NZOINew Zealand Olympiad of Informatics
EXAMEXtra Aduity Moment
TIMSIGTraditional Irish Music Sessions In Gothenburg
NOHANoha is a direct Quranic name for girls that means “ability to think”, “intelligence”, “mind”, “reason”, “intellect”. Nuha is used twice in the Quran, in the following verses: Eat, [then, of this produce of the soil,] and pasture your cattle [thereon]. In all this, behold, there are messages indeed for those who are endowed with the ability to think. (Quran 20:54) CAN, THEN, they [who reject the truth] learn no lesson by recalling how many a generation We have destroyed before their time? – [people] in whose dwelling-places they [themselves now] walk about? In this, behold, there are messages indeed for those who are endowed with reason! (Quran 20:128)
HALKOIt means "yo"!
PIUSPresident of United States
ZEBRAZero Emission Battery Research Activities
IBDindependent bicycle dealer
EMSCEuropean-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
SBSSlowly But Surely

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