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SDTSound Detection Technology
OPTOne true pairing
UHVUniversal Human Values
ZINJIBlack slave from Zanzibar, black smart people, Black volcano aspect
LOLLove of lord
BBLbaby love
WTHwhy the heck
TTBTTruth to be told
YBOKThe name of an online gaming community on the PC platform.
SONATRACHSONATRACH est la Société nationale pour la recherche, la production, le transport, la transformation et la commercialisation des hydrocarbures....
VBEVacuum Back End
JCEEJunior Carvalho Elétrica Eletrônica
3BSin Business emprendors means the best places to think are the bed, the bus and the bathroom
TASKETA small version of a "task" when one is given a task, this can be broken down into smaller tasks, a "Tasket" when the taskets have all been completed it can be said that the original task has been completed and given back to the giver of the original "Task"
OOTTOut of touch Tory
PODPlayers Of Darkness
XXXAbundance of Resources Unlimited Resources Variety of Resources
IDOSRInternational Digital Organization for Scientific Research
Do you want a cookieSomeone who might not be such good friends with you might say. Do you want a Cookie? That is their way of saying good job, Or they are telling you if you are bragging too much.
AGSSAkhil gujarat sadhu samaj
BYOIBring you own ipad
LADLiquidity adjustment facility
FAMAbbreviated term for "family" used in describing certain government housing and/or apartments
VTSVariable Trim System

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