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ACCWAdvocates for Covenant Clergy Women
WULTGOWMWould you like to go out with me
CPUIDCPU Identification
KSIKindly Shut It
CBSCertified Beer Server
OFFOnly for friends
MRNMaterial Reference Number
NEPUNon Ellsworth Protection Union
TTETrack & Trace of Explosives
WRAPWorldwide Responsible Accredited Production
FSMfull service man a man who can service a woman in any sexual needs
SoOSystem of Origin
SoRSystem of Record
SOOSoO(System of Origin)
MTPMid-term plan
WWIBWWIB stands for "who wore it better" or "who wears it better."
MDOPMalicious Destruction of Property
TGGtransformational generative grammar
WWW.MIENERGIAGRATIS.COMEnergía gratis para siempre - Mi Energía Gratis
UCCUnified Communication Center
NMCUKno more checks united kingdom
FHBFloppy Haired Boss
FMFRFailure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
JXTTexas slang/text talk for the word: just.

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